Sage Solutions Corp.

Sage Solutions Corp. began in 2000 in response to what was happening in the consulting industry. Consulting firms were placing inexperienced, underpaid associates at clients with the sole intent of making big margins on the consultants. Client satisfaction or the Consultants worth never figured in the equation. The vision for Sage Solutions is to only hire experienced consultants with an average of 10 years experience or to team up with reputed independent consultants and small consulting firms on a project-to-project basis. This philosophy provides a broader and experienced resource pool to choose from, while keeping the overhead expenses low for Sage Solutions, allowing it to be competitive in the consulting arena. The partnerships and resources undergo a rigorous screening process before they are presented as part of Sage Solutions’ team at any client’s site. By applying experienced consultants to complex business problems that match their expertise, the end result will be satisfied clients who are more willing to place their trust in the hands of consultants.

Sage Solutions is committed to building long-term business relationships with our clients by delivering high quality business solutions that offer value to our clients.  The consultants at Sage Solutions focus on staying current with the newest technology, trends, and techniques, so that we can provide only the most thoroughly tested and proven methods to our clients.  By utilizing highly skilled and very experienced resources to provide consulting services, Sage Solutions’ consultants deliver work that truly represents a big return on investment for our clients.

Sage Solutions has a distinctive advantage over its competition because of its business model and corporate philosophy that it follows. Each project is staffed with a team that has vision, expertise and experience. The team is selected only after a rigorous screening process. The company understands that our assets really are our consultants and our clients and we go out of our way to ensure customer satisfaction in the work we do. We partner with several small but highly experienced consulting companies to put up the most qualified team for a project. Experience and professionalism are the hallmarks of every consultant that Sage presents. This philosophy literally translates into a bigger return on investment for the client.

Sage Solutions Corp.